Chiropractic Revolution

RemedyTesting is partnering with chiropractors to bring RemedyTesting services to your community. Share the message and help us assist 100,000 patients in need within the next 2 years. 

Offer Your Clientele Premium Hair & Saliva Testing, Actionable Results, Valuable Consultations and All Natural Supplement Protocols.

Be Creative And Serve Your Clientele To The Highest Potential With RT™Pro

We have built a system that provides actionable health information to you and your patients. You can profit from this knowledge. We built a user friendly system, requiring only one hour of training. Our testing does not require blood, we offer a non invasive hair and saliva collection that is safe and professional. Our reports are easy to interpret and share with patients. Personalized nutritional based solutions, consistent with a safe approach. Generates new income through sale of reports and solutions. Leading edge technology, based on the latest science and wellness directions. Affordable capital expenditure. Vast returns and profits.

If you are ready to learn how we are helping chiropractors just like you increase their value as a provider and drive an additional $1-$5k per month using RemedyTesting, complete the form below!


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