Health Testing
Our non-invasive hair and saliva specimen lab test derives its results from cutting edge bioenergetic technology that focuses on detecting underlying energy sensitivities and stressors. We understand that energetic 'inhibitors' may be causing known or unknown illness or disease within your body. Learn about your body like never before and support your family better. We believe consistent RemedyTesting can lead to positive change for all people. We will serve you transparent, personalize, and actionable information. Finally get some answers.
Custom Remedies
80% of your daily calories arent giving you the nutrition your body needs. Saliva & hair testing kits by RemedyTesting are the perfect way to receive reliable, accurate, and optimized recommendations for your unique body. As health conscious individiual, you want to ensure that your doctor recommendations align with your natural goals. Thats why our team pairs you with like-minded doctors to ensure you receive the best results for your unique body. Recent reports indicate that your dated Recommended Dietary Allowances  (RDAs) are too low to precent aging onset & degeneration. Our team understands this, providing optimal next-gen supplement guidance. 
Natural Doctor Network
Natural doctors range from holist nutrition advisors who have their doctorate to chiropractors and those that work alongside medical doctors. We serve doctors who believe that western medicine must be saved until it is life or death. First prescriptions and medication must be natural, and focus on lifestyle change habits.
  • The tests offered by RemedyTesting® are physician-ordered and are not diagnostic. The tests are not reviewed or approved by the FDA.