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We Make It As Easy As Possible To Receive Premium Hair & Saliva Health Testing And Health Advisory. We Offer Many Solutions To Fit Your Needs, Whether It Is In The Office Of A Remedy Testing Provider Or Even From The Comfort Of Your Home. Our Full Body Health Report Is Filled With Actionable Information That Allows You To Make Conscious Health Decisions That Support Your Bodies Healing Journey. Take Back Your Power With Remedy Testing.

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Accurate health information based on a small hair & saliva sample

Section One

System Performance
We begin each report with the 14 systems that represent your energetic health dial. Note the color coded key to the right that represents the measurement of stress. Typically each system can be impacted energetically by a nutritional imbalance, exposure to toxins, and emotional or physical stress that will be clear as the report continues. This is a starting point and from one scan to another, you’ll be able to select a scan date at the top of your report to see the progress you’ve made and areas to continue to work on.

Section Two

Food & Environmental
It is important to understand what negatively triggers the body to reduce irritation. You can view each category that was scanned, and the specific item is listed below each category that came up energetically sensitive. You should remember a sensitivity is different from an allergy. Often times, sensitivities can and will change depending on exposure, and how well the body balances. For some, if you can avoid the items that came up sensitive for 30 days, the sensitivity can lessen and over time you can slowly start to reintroduce that food. If there is an item you know you typically react to and avoid it, it may not show up because of that avoidance.

Section Three

Nutritional Imbalances
These nutritional imbalances resonate within 5 different nutritional categories. Understanding nutritional deficiencies is critical as deficiencies can create stress within certain organs and functions of the body. Below each category you’ll find the specific nutrients that are low, along with foods that are potent in that nutrient. If you consume a lot of these foods this tells us: the body is not absorbing those nutrients, certain resonating toxins are stealing those nutrients, or certain stressors in the body are burning through that specific nutrient.

Section Four

Resonating Toxins
Here you will find various resonating toxins. We scan six different categories of toxins. When describing toxins and other imbalances, we like to use the analogy of an onion. We are able to analyze what is at the outermost layer of your “onion”. By peeling back the layers, we are able to get closer to the center where we find optimum wellness. As we work towards the center of the onion, new layers may be exposed which that may include new sensitivities, resonating toxins, and general imbalances to other systems.

Section Five

Hormonal Imbalances
This section identifies hormonal imbalances. Often times hormones will come back into balance as the rest of the body aligns. Many times we relate hormonal imbalances to stress in the endocrine system, resonating toxins, and nutritional imbalances. Each hormone listed includes a description and indicates if it is high or low.

Section Six

Balancing Remedies
Up until this point, we’ve been analyzing the current state of energetic stressors. This section will identify remedies to bring these stresses back into balance. When scanning for balancing remedies, your samples were scanned against thousands of potential remedies including herbs, homeopathics, and nutritional supplements. We take scanning a step further by making sure the full combination of remedies synergistically test well against your hair and saliva.
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